Colonial Ship Builder

Today I began to drawing a ship I will be building. This ship will take me least a year. I will build a big ship 1 million feet tall. I will build the keel inside the ship. I`ll take thousand of metal. I gotta build a track on the ground. I`ll use Twenty to thirty of maker. I can make covered inside the ship. I will make armor inside and outside. The ship will be 100 year old. There will be hundred of peoples.

colonial leaders

Who is John Smith?

Ran away to sea as a boy 

In 1607 sailed to to Virginia

Only 28 years old, was responsible for saving the settlement from destruction and failure

With his leadership, Jamestown survived and eventually flourished 

Leader of  the Virginia colony based at Jamestown 

Was a hard worker

Publicly stated “He that will not work, shall not eat”

Knighted for his service to Sigismund Bathory, Prince of Transylvania and his friend

Admiral of New England

Gave the name New England to the region that is now the Northeastern United States

This is John Smith.

9/11 Reflections

I feel scare because I don’t like to ride the airplane to crash the building.All people die in the building two airplane crash two building.People die in the pentagon.The building fell the road and it crash to the car.All people clean the mess with the curande.The people talk with the microphone.

life in 5th grade

School is fun. I do a lot of work, I made a 100 on my timed multiplication  test. I like going to White Oak because it is easy. I like riding the bus better than riding in a car because I can talk to my friends. I like to go to the gym in the morning to wait for class and eating lunch in the cafeteria. I like going to recess.

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